Aliveandrunning2013 September 1

Exactly a week to go before the Grunty Fen Half Marathon. I ran 13.2 miles along the River Cam today and it felt better than when I did the same distance on August 28. I’ll do several shorter runs during the week and volunteer at Wimpole Estate park next Saturday. There were lots of runners along the river. Only about 25%  spontaneously greeted me or made eye contact, about 25% responded to my firm greeting and the rest resolutely looked straight ahead as I passed them, ignoring my acknowledgement. A few of these did smile as I met them on return. Part of the problem is due to MP3/iPods usage which is a pity. Riverside running is so interesting and listening to music can only detract from the experience. Although I’m taking the moral high ground on this, I did occasionally use my iPod when running in the winter. I listen to Radio 4 podcasts which require some degree of attention and I didn’t find it compatible with enjoyable  running. Today I passed a young heron standing stock still on my side of the bank and saw a large swan in full flight less than 2 metres above the water and following its course. The sound produced by the powerful wings was loud and mournful.

I think that Obama’s condemnation of the Syrian chemical attack would only be welcomed by the credulous. How can you take his rhetoric seriously when he presides over the drone programme which kills hundreds of civilians indiscriminately and without controversy or revulsion by the American public.

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