Aliveandrunning July 9 2014


Those men in lycra descended upon my home town and caused mayhem on Monday. The lurid colours made me squint, no cars were allowed on any of the roads around Cambridge within a 50 mile radius (including farm tracks), people with French accents informed me I couldn’t walk on my own City pavements, some public safety announcements were made in French and Park and Ride  which they implored us to use to come in to town, threw us off their double deckers about 10 miles away from the town centre, forcing us to walk in. I had to carry a 103 year old woman on my back and deposit her in a convenient spot to watch the lads whizz by!


However for most people it was a very enjoyable day. There was a great sense of anticipation and everyone was in a good mood. To offset the reality that the entire 200 cyclists would pass by in a few minutes (and because the stage started in Cambridge, they sauntered past us and gave us a few more seconds gawping and cheering time before starting to race outside the city centre), there were many dozens of support vehicles, camera motor bikes, sponsor cars, and cars bearing hundreds of spare bikes continually passing by and preceding the racers to thrill to. I was left with a nice warm fuzzy feeling and cancelled the UKIP membership I had taken out an hour earlier.

Not too much happening  on the running front. Two days off after parkrun on Saturday and went running with the club yesterday evening. Nothing today and possibly not tomorrow either. It doesn’t matter too much. A minor running god like myself can remain at peak fitness indefinitely (or at least until next week when I can start running in earnest again.

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss to chair the historical child sex abuse review which will look into allegations of far reaching abuse perpetrated by politicians and  Establishment figures? I don’t think so! She is the sister of Sir Michael Havers, an Attorney General  in the 1980’s (now deceased) who made decisions about whether or not to undertake prosecutions of paedophiles. She herself is an Establishment figure who commands huge respect and confidence (by the Establishment) and also by her nephew, that nice Nigel Havers. Clearly a conflict of evidence . Is it likely that that the 80 year old ex-judge is going to to possibly trash her brother’s reputation?