Aliveandrunning2013 September 12

It’s difficult not running. My right calf is no longer hurting and I didn’t think about it today so I seem to be back to normal. I mustn’t be tempted to run on it, however, because it was less than two days ago when I was forced to stop running because of acute pains. I’ll wait another two three days and go for a relaxed two mile jog.  I had a more severe problem with both calves last May  at the  twelfth mile of the Edinburgh half marathon. Stupidly  I continued to run and had a lot of pain when I finished. Using a foam roller alleviated the discomfort and I was lucky not to have a longer lasting injury.  I managed to run the Grunty Fen half with no injury. I suspect the Scottish roads are harder and more unforgiving than their Cambridgeshire counterparts.

Such an exciting, if not exhilarating, time to be in  London this week. The day before yesterday was the opening day of the London Docklands’ biennial arms exhibition DSEi with 40 countries participating. The defence secretary, Philip Hammond, said that selling weapons is a top priority for the government, describing the huge sales fair as “a fabulous show” displaying “fantastic kit.” I am persuaded that all of the countries and their governments (including Russia and Israel) continually strive to ensure the right people are obliterated by the appropriate weapons. Plenty of different and innovative drones to chose from! What a great wheeze to go from war game videos to sitting in front of a screen and aiming real missiles at people thousands of miles away. You can blow up loads of people and have loads of fun and hopefully a few of the bad guys will be reduced to smithereens as well. And God (our God) is on our side too.

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