Aliveandrunning2013 October 24

OMG ! I went for a 2 mile run today and my right calf gave no indication that it was less than 100% fully recovered. I felt fit, rested and ready to run regularly again. If I was prone to exaggeration, I might reveal that I have a reservoir of pent up energy such that only a series of Ironman races could assuage. But that would be silly. Instead, after a few weeks of virtually not running, I merely feel like the proverbial coiled spring or maybe a Maserati forced to poodle along in heavy traffic. Perhaps, on Saturday, I will start at the front of Cambridge parkrun alongside the rest of the elite runners. They will herald the return of the Cambridge gazelle and genuflect. They are forced to eat my dust. I succeed in achieving a parkrun national record and trend heavily on Twitter. Alternatively, I run without further injury and enjoy myself. I then decide to do the Bonfire Burn 10K on November 3 and run this comfortably.

I listened to the Chair of NHS England, Sir Malcolm Grant, discuss the appointment of Simon Stevens as chief executive of the NHS on Today, Radio 4 this morning. Sir Malcolm had a very educated voice. Beautiful diction, nicely modulated, articulate , confident, assured. To doubt him would surely reflect badly on the doubter. His voice was very persuasive and its tone suggested you were either stupid or ignorant or churlish not to agree. Yet he spoke in well rehearsed platitudes and invited us to believe that the world had been scoured to find the right appointee who had the vision, commitment to quality and the degree of integrity to put the patients’ interests first, blah, blah,blah. Their British appointee has spent 9 years in America in the health insurance business and is known to favour an increased role for the private sector in the NHS. Sir Malcolm’s voice is a good example of a class weapon, designed to intimidate and convince and hide the true nature of things. So, Bobs ¬†your uncle, Fannys your aunt and everything is A1 at Lloyds. Wot a North and South ! (mouth -Cockney rhyming slang).