Aliveandrunning December 22

Cambridge parkrun was a very muddy event yesterday and 330 runners pounding the narrow paths for a couple of circuits didn’t improve traction. The weather, however, was much better than predicted and the rain held off. The temperature was relatively high for December, too. So, some conditions suited me but the EVIL mud brought me low. I was humiliated by being 50 whole seconds slower than last week (the equivalent of 50 separate Big Bangs) and suffered more loss of face when Lorna, who volunteered and was tasked with timing at the finish, refused to fiddle the numbers and didn’t knock a minute or two off my time. What’s the point of volunteering if you can’t give your spouse an unfair advantage? I was a minute behind arch rival Mike but just managed to beat Diane who wore fancy dress and was rather too warm for comfort. There’s not much glory in beating an overheated Father Christmas, is there ? Still, I did enjoy the run and we chatted with friends afterwards. We should have had coffees all round but unfortunately the cafe allows itself to be overwhelmed by runners every Saturday morning. Rather than spending all their time creating bespoke time consuming coffees it would make more sense to offer nice hot filter coffee and get the queue moving. We and others gave up after about 25 minutes and there were still plenty before us.

I’ve just joined up for Janathon The idea is to run and blog each day through the month of January. I did this last June when it was designated a Juneathon and managed a run every day. It doesn’t have to be very far and there’s no stipulated distance. It’s good to have a tight structure for running consistently. If I was a despot I would MAKE everyone run each day, for their own benefit, of course. Any dissenters or refuseniks would be exiled to the Isle of Wight for reeducation before being reintegrated into society and monitored for future apostasy. Running is good for you. Why wouldn’t you want to do it !

Next race is the Ely 10K on New Years Eve and there are a number of informally organised races over the Christmas period that I could theoretically run.

I found this intriguing article on the Guardian website. I haven’t read it yet but it sounds interesting.  Here’s another Guardian article on obesity and cirrhosis of the liver  Their running blog is excellent.


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