Hoohaah Wimpole Estate half marathon. I survive it much better than expected!


In September I ran a half near Bournemouth and just managed to stagger across the finish line. The last couple of miles were really difficult but a month later I ran the Hoohaah Wimpole half and felt much better. Why was this? Was it due to the encouragement and support of two dragonflies accompanying me for the last three miles and constantly whispering in my ears or the applause from the water nymphs by the glistening lake? Or had I simply run more consistently and put in the training miles in the interim? Mmmm….I think I’ll go with the dragonflies!

My parkrun times are gradually improving again although I still have the impression I’m running faster than my watch shows. This is a bit disconcerting. On top of this, my running pals are all doing well and I can’t keep up with them. This is criminal! I’ll have to come up with a cunning plan.

Just over a week ago I did Cambridge Town and Gown, 10k race around the town centre. This went reasonably well but I ran it wearing a thick hoody. The weather was good for running but Midsummer Common, where we started, was swept with a bitter wind and I couldn’t stand waiting around in the cold. Of course everyone else ran in short sleeves or vests and I must have looked a little odd. No matter. I’m more able to run and feel hot rather than freeze before I start. I let my son Dan come in 13 minutes before me. Well, you have to encourage the young!

I’m having difficulty stopping constructing models at the moment. Perhaps I’ve got modelitis.





4 thoughts on “Hoohaah Wimpole Estate half marathon. I survive it much better than expected!

  1. It all sounds like good progress on the running front. I expect getting thrash d by your son by 15 minutes was painful though! Re dealing with the parkrun opposition, I suggest that you take them out for beers and food on a Friday night. A few chasers and a dodgy kebab should slow them down on Saturday morning?

    • If only… I think I’ll have to rely on Zeus sending a wind to blow them off course or I could fashion a number of voodoo dolls. A pin in the right place could bring on some timely sciatica!

      • I’m not sure where Zeus hangs out. In all those stories it seems so straightforward s, just offer him your wife or daughter and bobs your uncle. Didn’t Percy Jackson have to go to the underworld to find him? Must watch that film again – it was a good one! The second one I think. Voodoo dolls might be easier – you could just pad up some of your bronzes!

  2. Zeus usually hangs out at the top of Mount Olympus, or in some large , floaty clouds when he’s not on earth being naughty. I had to look up Percy Jackson. He went to the Underworld to look for Zeus’s bolt, I think. You are right, voodoo dolls are easier. But wait! I’ve just attended a parkrun arranged CPR course. I don’t want to stop running to undo my own handiwork. I’ll just put poison in the post run coffee.

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