Cambridge half looms and Spring’s nearly here (almost)


Here’s proof winter’s nearly over. Now it gets complicated. What is the plural of crocus? Actually it’s crocuses or croci. I’ll opt for the correct Latin plural. Anyway, the aconites, snowdrops and hellebores are out and so are some daffodils. Other stuff is poking through and I’ve already cut the grass. Another week and we’ll be planting potatoes.


It took a lot of effort to fence around the Green Minds gardening project but here’s proof the defences are working. Those wiley little rabbits have been making a concerted effort to break in by tunneling under the wire. Unfortunately for them they meet wire I have laid horizontally under the grass and can’t progress. Having limited brain power they simply move along the line rather than start digging again a little further out (or using ropes and grappling hooks).


We found these chickens in our garden. I had a little chat with them  and they explained they were admiring the late winter flowers. However they simply admitted defeat when I asked them which came first, the chicken or the egg.

We bought some of their produce (not directly from the chickens but from their middleman/woman, the farmer). Here’s an action picture of  alien royalty choosing an egg for breakfast.


Anyway, time to be sensible (always a struggle). The running is going okay. I gave up running every day five weeks ago because I felt too tired. In terms of mileage it wasn’t huge, often a couple of miles at a gentle pace. However, I think I needed rest days to recover. So, for me, I can do individual long runs of 6-10 miles but a rest is vital. I recently did a couple of hour runs and then followed this up with a two hour training run of 13 miles. This did make me tired although I would regard it as a good tiredness rather than one caused by stress or demands. I certainly felt much better for it.

Cambridge half marathon is a fortnight away. Today, I ran around 12 miles. The actual mileage wasn’t a problem but I struggled to get out. The light level was poor, it was cold and I possessed a minimum of motivation. I ran steadily, not swiftly and took just over two hours. I was glad to get back home.

Today is Wednesday. I’ll do parkrun on Saturday and go to the gym in the afternoon. I may do an hour’s run on Sunday and perhaps 45 minutes on Wednesday. Then parkrun and the following day is the half marathon. Or something like that. If the sun’s shining this programme won’t be problematic, if it’s a Stygian gloom I may jump into the river Cam.


Sculptures possibly taking over.

5 thoughts on “Cambridge half looms and Spring’s nearly here (almost)

  1. Lovely snap of the chickens with snowdrops. Very impressed with your rabbit defences. Apparently we have a bigger ‘pest’ in the form of deer! We saw one nibbling st the brambles last week. Apparently they love young trees and can eat all your veg- so we may have our work cut out!
    Sounds like your half is going to go OK – so long as you don’t over do it now. I did read that older 😳 Runner’s need more rest days😁
    Can you believe trump. Give guns to teachers! The next disaster will be some stressed out teacher going in and mowing down all the kids !!

    • Not to be out done, we also have a lot of muntjac deer roaming around. They may be relatively small but they could jump the fences if they so choose. I’ve seen some roe deer in the field as well. If they all team up with the rabbits I’m sunk!
      Thanks for your sage advice on “older runners.” Did you find it in a Christmas cracker? I’ll meditate on it. Meditation completed. I’ll revisit this suggestion in 15 years when I meet the criteria for “older runner.”
      It’s only a matter of time before Trump advocates everyone carries a gun on the grounds that they can all take a pot shot at the maniac. I think a sizeable chunk of the electorate would probably support that. So much for the American dream!

      • Lol re other ‘older runner’ I think I read it in a runners world guide or some such thing – older being over 40 – and it suggested that we needed at least 3 days rest compared to 2 for younger ones. I ignored it.😊

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