Aliveandrunning February 21 2014

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Yesterday evening was particularly spooky as the terrifyingly atmospheric image attests. To distract myself from the raw fear of the unusually odd noises outside, I made myself a date and raisin cake. You can imagine the shock, and a sizable amount of horror, I experienced when I climbed the ancient stairs in our home and opened the door to the master bedroom.


Spock, on my side of the bed and indisputable evidence of having consumed three quarters of my cake before it had cooled down. I remonstrated with him and demanded he beam up without delay. The sadness caused by the loss of my cake was assuaged by the decision to nip off to a 24 hour Tesco and buy new ingredients with a view to immediately bringing a new cake into the world. The journey turned out to be quite a trek. It was late at night. There was life in the store but not as I knew it. I gingerly negotiated the aisles and weird nocturnal shoppers, paid up and returned home.

On the running front, I ran 13.2 miles plus a 5k parkrun last weekend and this went well. In two weeks it’s the Cambridge Half Marathon. Lorna will be giving good support and four of my children will be running as well as loads of friends. I’ll probably go for a further two long runs before the Half. I don’t carefully taper down before a long race. I just listen to my body, man; it’s in continual/continuous dialogue with me.

Tomorrow is Cambridge parkrun. A running acquaintance in the 65-69 age range had a heart attack during a half marathon two weeks ago and apparently he will be starting the race with Peter who is in his mid 80’s and still runs. Well done, Terry. Get back to running fitness as soon as you can.

Aliveandrunning Janathon January 16

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Oh my gosh! I went running for under 20 minutes and I returned to this. My little cottage had become a spooky house. And it was only midday. My door key wouldn’t turn in the lock and I heard strange, unidentifiable noises from within. I did a few minutes of warm down exercises and then called out to the poltergeist demanding she/he   immediately cease her/his activity and return to the Ancient Well, reputed to be over a thousand years old and situated in our little garden. I used my deep Cambridge running god voice and the poltergeist knew resistance was useless. I gained access within seconds and immediately got out the vacuum cleaner to clear up. The sun came out and smiled benignly, when 30 minutes later, I sat down to eat a cold porridge sandwich and read a non tabloid, non digital, non right wing, actual physical, wood pulp newspaper.

The actual run, unlike my return home, was uneventful and straight forward. It was windy and a thin rain descended for the duration of the jog. I felt cold despite being togged up with appropriate kit and I thought about the effect of winter weather on my motivation and physical experience of running. It seems to take a long time for me to warm up and I seldom discard layers even on long runs.

Lorna attended her out patient appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon at Addenbrookes Hospital today. Thankfully it was a positive experience. The consultant confirmed she had Achilles insertional tendonopathy and explained the treatment options which included surgery.  This option only has a 50/50 chance of success and is more suitable where the severity of the condition warrants that kind of risk. It was felt that Lorna would be able to run again but she still needed months of rest and some physiotherapy. The Couch to 5K sessions would be a good reintroduction to running in, say, 3 or 4 months. This is good news.