Aliveandrunning2013 July 7

Good running day yesterday. I got a new personal best at Cambridge parkrun, two years after the last one. The weather was good, I felt fit and I think the rest after the daily Juneathon was helpful. I beat my arch rival Mike by two seconds (a massive margin in my eyes). I could feel his hot breath on my neck and just managed to pull away over the last 50 metres. Of course it’s just a social run and not competitive at all so beating him really has no significance. I don’t know why I’m blogging about it. My finger is near the delete button….

Oh dear, I’ve left it in. Anyway, Lady Luck turned against me in the afternoon. I accidentally put milk in my lapsang souchong, an egregious act of sacrilege in the tea community.

I saw a wonderful but outrageous ad on ITV4 the other day. I was loitering on this commercial channel because I sometimes follow the coverage of the highlights of the Tour de France. The ad showed alternating scenes of a group of young lads hanging out, playing computer games, listening to rap music and contrasted it with a single man in his sixties playing old fashioned swing type music on vinyl, having a traditional game of snooker and generally having nothing obviously in common with the lads’ generation. Until their paths converge at Macdonalds where they all tuck into their burgers and tacitly acknowledge with a knowing look that they have a mutual appreciation in tasty food. Very clever and also subversive because the implication is that the older man possesses  old school standards and integrity. A really creative way to sell junk food! Note to self : watch more ads.

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