Aliveandrunning2013 July 12

Another good club training run on Tuesday July 9th. We jogged down to Lammas Land in Cambridge and did 4 X 1500 metres. Very warm but enjoyable. Yesterday I did a 5k race in the evening  with my arch rival Mike. He beat me by 24 seconds which is a margin I’m happy with. It was a lovely course which included narrow paths through over arching trees and bushes, trails and grass land. The race was full and I only got an entry through Mike’s wife deciding not to compete.

I now have my copy of Jeff Galloway’s The Run-Walk-Run Method which may allow me to do a future marathon if I can discipline myself to master the technique.

I was greatly shocked to learn that G4S and Serco have been defrauding the taxpayer of “tens of millions” of pounds by billing the government for tagging convicted people who have died or finished  the term of their tagging or were never tagged in the first place, in some cases for years. Why would for profit companies do that? Surely they would tender at reasonable levels to ensure they made a reasonable return. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair! And is Serco or G4S  involved in providing out of hours GP cover? I think I heard a rumour they are involved in tendering for local authority library services. If so, they could use their extensive portfolio of  expertise  to tool up short contract librarians with Tasers, so useful for keeping threatening borrowers under control or tagging children for practice.

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