Aliveandrunning2013 July 19

An hour’s run, on Monday July 16, along the river Cam in part. I was slightly wary of passing a swan sitting on the bank tending her four signets. I was not able to take a wide birth but she decided I wasn’t a threat and merely fixed me with her beady eyes. I think swans are altogether more sensible and reasonable than geese who will frequently attack if they are in anyway disturbed and deliver vicious pecks to the tenderest parts of an unsuspecting person’s anatomy. A bit like your average Tory, really, although I will have to do a lot more work to make the comparison succeed.

Tomorrow, I’m marshalling not running in the Cambridge parkrun. I prefer to marshal because it’s so interesting seeing widely differing running style, ages and abilities. Of course, I’ll try to give priority to my arch rival Mike ; pull people over for non existent infringements, send them running off course, trip them up as they go past. I have the authority to do this. I will be wearing a high viz orange jacket.


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