Aliveandrunning2013 July 13

Hot day for running. The 5k  parkrun starts early at 9 am but it was still very warm. My arch rival Mike beat me by just 9 seconds but I was pleased by my performance. My partner Lorna did well in the heat at 14 seconds below her personal best. Well done! It goes to show what can be achieved if you don’t chat your way around the course!

Good to see the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt appreciates irony. What else could explain his decision not to go ahead with requiring cigarette companies to use plain packaging thus making lurid packs less attractive to the young and impressionable . I don’t believe it’s because plain packaging might cost jobs in manufacturing or retail or encourage illegal tobacco trading or cost the Exchequer up to £6 bn.  Jeremy is so clean cut and innocent looking and has attractive, glittery, swivelling eyes. It is so irritating when people accuse him of putting business interests before measures to reduce the mortality caused by a historical, traditional but lethal product.

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