Aliveandrunning2013 August 5

I’m running a half marathon in a month’s time so I need to do some training pronto. I then have another half the following month in October. The second race is undulating and will be tougher. I may use my new secret weapon (walking at intervals) if the hill sections prove too challenging. I ran for over an hour today and felt fine.

I just listened to an Assistant Police Commissioner make a televised apology to the Tomlinson family for the conduct of the Metroplitan police officer responsible for the death of Ian Tomlinson whom he struck with a baton and then pushed to the ground. This occurred in London in 2009 during the G20 protests. The “apology” was intoned without feeling or conviction. The Assistant Police Commissioner looked bored and slightly spaced.

Her performance was outrageous and a calculated insult. The police didn’t reveal that he had also been bitten by a police dog because they wanted to avoid further distress to the family. They announced he had a heart attack as he made his way home and maintained that their officers were pelted with bottles while they were ministering to him. Lesson to be learned? The police will lie, dissemble, deny and apportion blame  to others to avoid taking responsibility for their own criminal actions.

Aliveandrunning2013 August 3

I took part in an evening inter club race at a Newmarket horse racecourse a couple of days ago. Temperature around 30 C. Running in the heat seems to suit me although it’s important to be properly hydrated before and after running. It was only a 5K and I took it relatively easy but I still did a reasonable time. I think I’m running more efficiently and therefore a bit faster than in the recent past. That’s reassuring ! I was fit before my heart attack four years ago and I’m now running better than ever. I’ve been swinging an 8 kilo kettlebell around for a couple of weeks and running less mileage. Perhaps this has been helpful.

Yesterday I did a beep test and got 9.5. Again it was very hot and surprisingly hard. Never done one before and I enjoyed it.

Today I ran in the Wimpole Estate parkrun 5K and knocked 1minute 19 seconds off my personal best. This is run over rough parkland grass and includes a short, steep hill which I decided to walk up. I was able to catch up and pass all those who passed me as I walked so my run-walk-run strategy worked on this occasion.

I see the Metropolitan police are near to making an offer of compensation to the family of Ian Tomlinson,  the paper seller, who was caught up in the G20 protests in London in 2009. He was hit with a police baton and then pushed violently to the ground by a riot officer. He had been trying to find a way out of the police “kettle”, a strategy to keep groups of protesters from moving around by hemming them inside police lines. Tomlinson collapsed and died a short while afterwards. Initially it was considered to be a case of death by natural causes and this was supported by an initial incompetent postmortem which gave the cause as heart failure.

But six days later the Guardian published video footage, shot by an American on business in London, of a riot officer striking him with a baton and then shoving Tomlinson violently to the ground. He was hit from behind and pushed as he walked away from the police line. An inquest decided that he had been unlawfully killed by  a police officer but a jury in a subsequent criminal trial found police constable Simon Harwood not guilty of Tomlinson’s manslaughter. The family then decided to launch a civil action against the Metropolitan Police.

The video is in the public domain and is a truly shocking example of gratuitous police violence by one of their inhouse psychopaths.