Aliveandrunning2013 October 26

Well done me ! I ran Cambridge parkrun without any twinges, aches, pains or tender bits. Let’s hope my calf injury is consigned to history and slowly recedes from my memory. The race its self was straight forward (as befits a race). Not wanting to show off, I started with the slower runners, who, aware that I was smouldering with barely contained power and energy, whispered to each other. I heard someone say “Why is the Cambridge gazelle with us and not with the elite runners at the front where he surely belongs ? He really is a running hero.”  “Yes,” said someone behind me, “he’s like a greyhound. No-one stands a chance. And so modest !” It was clear everyone thought it was a foregone conclusion that I would win minutes in front of the second person. I took off like a rocket and I felt fantastic. I was smoking hot. I streaked across the finish line only to discover that 133 other runners were inexplicably in front of me. I was handed a finish token engraved with the number 134. I immediately demanded a race inquiry. Something had gone wrong somewhere and it wasn’t me at fault.

I will almost certainly do the Bonfire Burn 10K next weekend. Unusually for a local Cambridge race, there are still places available. This may be due to people’s experience of this race last year. The weather was awful and the start was delayed. I have never run in such poor conditions. The rain, the cold and the wind nearly conspired to kill me before the race started and I didn’t feel much better during the race itself. I’ll be running with a high tog rated waterproof duvet wrapped around me this time.

Lorna remains injured unfortunately. She’s got insertional achilles tendonitis and it’s painful every day, even with restricted walking. Running is out of the question. An ultra sound scan should accurately assess the extent of the problem, and what treatment is required, in about three weeks. I miss running with her. It’s a loss for both of us.


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