Aliveandrunning June 16 2014 Juneathon Day 16


A rumour swept North Cambridge today and caused hundreds of credulous people to line the river bank. I was there to catch the action. It was believed that a mystic, living in the farthest reaches of the Eastern Fen Lands, was going to walk on water and stroll into the centre of Cambridge via the  River Cam. After a 4 hour wait, another rumour swept the expectant crowd. He was indeed walking on water but had taken a wrong turn and was currently running down a minor tributary which went God only knows where! We were mightily disappointed and dispersed peacefully.

We had faith. Most people have a little faith in a lot of things and a lot of faith in a few things. I am losing my faith in :

1. The BBC news.

2. The humanitarian aspect of organised religions (the supernatural bit is gone already).

3. The coalition government’s views or interpretation of anything at all (particularly foreign policy).

4. The weather (it’s just not consistent).

5. Most people to consider almost anything in a fair, balanced, constructive manner.

6. Anyone who regards the Sun as a newspaper. It’s a comic just as the News of the World was a comic with a bent for sex, humiliation and raw prejudice.

Went for a 2 mile run and felt good. I think I was slightly out of salts when I ran yesterday (whatever that means). Club night tomorrow and that always goes well. Parkrun on the weekend plus a 10k race. i’m looking forward to running through the centre of Cambridge again and dodging through the meandering crowds.

A few other random thoughts when I was running :

A. Gardening therapy for people with mental health issues.

B. Uses of amenity land and setting up a charity/social enterprise.

C. How to get funding.

D. Must get an early Victorian stove pipe hat. I’d look very impressive wearing it at parkrun.