Aliveandrunning June 30 Juneathon Day 30


Rupert was very reluctant to walk over this section of the  path today. He muttered something about about a ghostly barcode and not wanting to provoke the woodland sprites.  “Pardon moi,”I said smoothly,”but are you referring to the legendary, supernatural creatures who are reputed to exist in this category of habitat?”  “Too right,” he replied,”and if cross this, they’ll rearrange my spots or remove them altogether.” He can’t be reasoned with when he’s in this mood. Best to play along with him.

Juneathon is over. Long live Julyathon! No, I don’t think so. I’ll have some rest time before I launch an assault on Cambridge parkrun and storm to a new personal best. I’ve managed to run and blog every day but it’s increased my appetite and I think I’ve put on some weight. I ran approximately 114 miles and walked around 70 miles. I’ve never felt physically better and I’m running faster and more efficiently than before I had a heart attack 5 years ago. Yippee!