Alive and Running April 3 2015



I’m really pleased with this sign! My father-in-law Len created it for me and I think he’s done a wonderful job. It needs to be varnished to protect it from the weather and then I’ll be able to hang it between two silver birch trees which are situated at the entrance to the field where the project is sited. I think it looks very professional and welcoming. It augurs well for the gardening environment and atmosphere I want to develop. Thanks, Len.

Decided against going for a club run on Tuesday. The large variety of pace changes and duration seemed complicated and I thought it unlikely I would hear the whistle at my running speed. Instead I went for a regular run of 5.25 miles and incorporated a couple of sprints. This felt fine. We are doing long 2.7 mile loops with the club next week and this will suit me better but I still feel the pendulum is swinging towards the faster legs. In a couple of years, superannuated runners like myself will be escorted from the club by burly security men. A few years after that, elderly runners will be hunted down and eliminated to prevent embarrassing episodes occurring at a future date. I’m not known for exaggerating.

Alternatively, rather than do road running I could opt for track training since the club is based at the University of Cambridge Athletics. This attracts the fastest and slower runners and seems to work for both groups.

Cambridge parkrun today. For some reason my brain convinced me that it was dry enough not to wear trail shoes whereas the reality was rather different. Nevertheless, I had a good run despite the mud.

Can’t blog any more tonight. I’m watching The Imitation Game having finished watching the end of Harvey Milk an hour before. A very, very sad end to Harvey and Alan Turing.

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