A Late Decision to Do the Janathon Thing

New Year’s Day and two parkruns, (at Huntingdon and Peterborough), ninety minutes apart to allow crazed parkrunners travel time. Here I am with Lorna and running chums enjoying coffee after the second run.esterday I ran a New Years Eve 10k at Ely and two days previously had an 8 mile jog along the river Cam. Tomorrow, Saturday, is normal parkrun day which I’ll do at Cambridge. So clearly I am back in the running groove.

The weather in Eastern England has been unusually mild this winter and most people have been running in summer kit. But yesterday was cold and windy and today was frosty. I ran in tracksters, a long sleeved shirt and a jacket. Of course some people still dressed for summer.

775116_967169059986107_3813738659604936211_o (1)

I’m almost at the finish at Huntingdon here and battling with Diane in a sprint to the line. I’m slightly behind but two seconds later, I successfully catch her heel and she’s sprawling in the mud. I win this contest but then there is a steward’s inquiry and I am found guilty of malicious fouling and banned at Huntingdon for a year. I will instruct my solicitor to appeal. I refuse to go down without a fight.

Surprisingly, this scenario didn’t occur but only because the delay would have prevented me from getting to Peterborough for the second parkrun. Diane beat me by one second.



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