Janathon Day 12 The Drone Age

IMG_20160112_155408381 (1)

At last, a drone magazine in Tesco and it’s called DRONE magazine for simplicity. Too expensive for me to buy at £6 (I bought a small mountain of Brussels sprouts instead), it’s sure to kick start an avalanche of drone purchases.They’ll soon be as common place as wild birds only a lot more dangerous. I was in a hurry and flipped through it for a few seconds only. Unsurprisingly it featured many pictures of drones and also young men operating them, looking at them and standing around, probably discussing them. Possibly I got the wrong impression. I’ll do some more research.

Cold, dry and sunny this morning. I took the opportunity to continue building a rabbit proof fence for ninety minutes and then went for a run in the afternoon, just ahead of the rain. I did 8.5 k (to the edge of the river Cam and back) which was enough today. The fence construction is giving me a little backache so I’m doing hip flexor stretches which is helping. Note to self : do more stretching.