“Cambridge half marathon almost imminent,” he blubbed tautologically



In two full days and two bits of days, the Cambridge half marathon will happen (or ‘appen, depending on your accent). Am I ready? Ask any quarter serious runner and stereotypically you’ll get a similar response – inadequate preparation centred around lack of training, particularly mileage. The usual culprits are family and work commitments, diminished motivation due to poor weather, cold weather, excessive wind, dark nights, colds, flu, injuries (cue runners taking it in turns to describe their dodgy calves, Achilles, ham strings, quads, black toe nails, sore bits, weird knee aches and pains in the butt). If they haven’t pulled out, the traditional response is to confirm they’ll take it easy and hope they finish the race.

So, am I ready? No! (see reasons above) I’ll just take it at a gentle pace etc etc. In fact I’ve deliberately done fewer miles than intended because I think less is more! I’m taking it very easy this week but I’ll still do parkrun the day before.


Family wise, it’s just myself and son Dan running this year. I suppose I will finally have to accept he will finish before I do. The facts unfortunately support this prediction. His last local parkrun place was 5th out of 247 and mine was 174th out of 478.I know there’s only a slight discrepancy but it’s time to hand my crown over to him. He’ll run off with it!

4 thoughts on ““Cambridge half marathon almost imminent,” he blubbed tautologically

  1. Good luck to you (and Dan). If you can beat him go for it – he will beat you next year any way, but I think I nice bit of surprise awesomeness and putting junior in their humble place adds a bit of seasoning to a parent child relationship. With teens and tweens anyway! Enjoy

      • If you haven’t done so already, start compiling the dossier of embarrassing photographs and stories ready for his wedding day or whatever. It’s a slow burn but it will keep you warm on dark nights ha ha😄

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