Daffodils barred from leaving the flower bed


It’s Day 6 following poisoning by cheese cake and my forced withdrawal from Cambridge half marathon. I haven’t run since then until today when I jogged a couple of miles. I can recommend food poisoning (in my case) for first class nausea and vomiting, an over riding urge to lie very still, weird fluctuations in temperature,subsequently knocking back my appetite, occasional mild nauseous feelings and loss of interest in sweet foods. It’s around 359 days to go before the next Cambridge half but I’m guaranteed to remember not to eat New York vanilla cheese cake the night before.

Good news on the two runners who went into cardiac arrest near the finish line. They received very prompt treatment and are now said to be recovering well in Addenbrookes hospital.

The weather looks cold and wet tomorrow for Cambridge parkrun. I won’t have any problem doing 3 miles and I’m volunteering afterwards by collecting the course signage. I don’t find this task onerous. It’s very pleasant walking around the deserted woodland trail path and only takes 17-18 minutes.

Very interesting article in yesterday’s Guardian on narcissism It’s surprisingly difficult for people to disguise or hide narcissistic traits on social media although most are not motivated to do so. It seems to be deliciously tempting to reveal you’ve been for a cup of coffee, or a restaurant and so easy to become adept at making inane comments and compliments with the intention of having them returned. I blame ourselves, the facilitating social media platforms, cultural dumbing down, lack of emotional and psychological awareness and, as usual, the Evil Tories (although I haven’t refined their particular responsibility yet but I’m working on it).


2 thoughts on “Daffodils barred from leaving the flower bed

  1. OMG ! I turn my back for a few days and what are you doing? Too ill to run, and bringing shock news of 2 cardiac arrests in Cambridge! Narcissism. I heard that the best way to find out if someone was a narcissist is to ask them, as if they are they usually say yes because they don’t care or see it as being a bad thing. I’m a neurotic, so the question confuses me. I can see that I may have aspects of being a narcissist so I should fess up and say yes, but I don’t want to be one so maybe I’m not……. Who cares anyway?! I’ll have a look at your guardian link. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

    • Yes, you are right, narcissists tend to give an honest answer if you ask about how they rate themselves. As the article state we’re talking about narcissistic traits rather than full blown narcissistic personality disorder.Again, the article comments that if you worry about being a narcissist, you’re unlikely to be one. Much better, though, than self loathing. I’ll think I’ll go back to that pond and continue looking at my recflction in the water!

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