Top man sees red in print


It’s Sigmund Freud, of course, smoking a cigar as usual. Is it symbolic? Well, as the top man said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar! That’s just his opinion. Certainly it must have contributed to, if not caused, his cancer of the jaw. Was he a runner? I doubt it. Missed out there then, didn’t he.

I’m trying to get my running back on track. Today’s parkrun was a reasonable time for me at the moment and tomorrow I’m running a five miler in Swavesey. There’s a half marathon going on at the same time but I’m not up to that distance at present. My ex arch rival, Mike, will  be doing the five miler and he’ll be around four minutes faster than me. Another rival, Kerry, will do the half. Having missed the recent Cambridge half due to illness, my next half will be the Flaming June, which unsurprisingly, is run in June. I’ve got various 10k races in the pipeline. Training with the club seems to have taken a backseat and I don’t think I’ve been out with them since I injured myself during the Wimpole half marathon last October.My enthusiasm for training in a group waxes and wanes and currently I still prefer to run alone.

Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has resigned over Osbourne’s Budgetary  cuts to to benefits received by people with disabilities alongside tax cuts for the richest. He stated that the cuts were “simply not fair, not right” and it was wrong to finance tax cuts for the better off by “taking money away” from those with disabilities. David Cameron professed himself to be “puzzled and disappointed.” George Osbourne is left with egg on his face. They’ve all got blood on their hands as far as I’m concerned. It’s more of a case when thieves fall out. Iain Duncan Smith is hardly a man with a conscience.

Nearly forgot. Did the Freud print at my print making class. It looks okay but the quality is poor. The point is that the more you practice the better you become and this is only a first try.



5 thoughts on “Top man sees red in print

  1. So was Freud a smoker? Never progressed beyond the oral phase? How interesting. Looks like the printing is going well😊

    • Very interesting! I bet he didn’t stop sucking his thumb until he was 39. He probably woke up each day and thought “what phase shall I indulge in today?” Poor wife, he wasn’t easy to live with. Yes, the printing is enjoyable and the focus on art in general gives you a different perspective. Next wheeze? Vlogging! I’ve just made a simple teleprompter (autocue) so I can read a script straight to camera.The urge to say ridiculous things is strong. I’ll consult a Freudian.

      • I’m not up with the hip kids, vlogging? Video blog? Presumably you can edit? Just say all the ridiculous things for fun, then delete them. Or maybe go wild – publish and be dammed! I’m guessing that there’s no anonymity with a vlog- unless you wear a costume of course, with a mask !!!!!

      • Yes, it’s a video blog and you don’t have to be hip, cool or under the age of 18 to do it.Your other comments read like you’re encouraging me to say things that I would regret if I had an appropriate sense of propriety (which I don’t). Costume and a mask? That’s sounds like a recommendation to me.

      • Can’t wait to see what you choose! Batman? Or just pants on your head, cheaper but not quite so cool😳😆

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