It’s all about me, again!

Cambourne 10k, a few miles out of Cambridge. Grass, soft paths, some hard surfaces but not much. Several long, gentle inclines and descents. Mainly countryside. I didn’t do it last year. Did do it in the previous two years. Today was 5 seconds slower than 2014 and 38 seconds slower than 2014. So I’m a failure and in bits? Hardly, it was a good run for me. The weather was sunny, temperature around 10c and warm enough for me not to have to wear a jacket and long tracksters. I enjoyed this race.

About 850 ran it and there were an awful lot of faces I knew or recognised from the club, parkrun and other races over the years.


Here’s me munching on a post race goody bag snack and holding on to Lorna to make sure she doesn’t run away. Good friend Mike looks straight at the camera. He came in approximately 5 minutes faster than me! Surely he must be taking a performance enhancing drug? There were actually officials wearing hi viz bibs bearing the word ADJUDICATOR running in the race and one cruised effortlessly past me. What’s all that about? To pull over people running too fast, that’s what.

Watched a recorded BBC programme, How to Stay Young tonight. The second part is broadcast on BBC1 on Thursday, April 11th. Well worth watching despite being a little scary. There are now a number of tests and research findings which give a more accurate indication of future health and longevity. One was very simple. Crossing your legs and then sitting down on the floor without the use of your hands and then rising to your feet, again without the aid of your hands. You scored 10 if you could successfully do this as described and lost points if you used an elbow, hand or even wobbled excessively. I couldn’t do it. Not only did I go down with a thump and nearly injured my coccyx but I was nowhere near to getting up unaided. Oh dear! I wonder if performance enhancing drugs would help.




3 thoughts on “It’s all about me, again!

  1. We are staying in a small hotel in the Lake District, and having read your blog we have had a family challenge to do the sit/stand thing. My 12 yr old son really in 12 going on 30 judging by his performance! I can get down but can’t get up unless I uncross my legs first. ( is that allowed?) amazing what you do for entertainment on a rainy day! My husband assures me that he saw the programme tried it then and can do it. Oh yeah😏

    • Mmmmm…..seeing is believing as far as I’m concerned. I discussed this manoeuvre with my 70 year old dog walking chum in our local wood. He immediately sat down in the leaves and tried it.Failed but could get up with use of hand. He scored 9 which is good. May I suggest a less risky but entertaining activity? Who can poke their tongue out and make it curl? Guaranteed 30 seconds of fun, more if you involve complete strangers. I hope the weather improves.

      • Ho Ho! Nonstarter here – I have a congenital akyloglossia (tongue tie) which my son has inherited , so we can’t get past the bottom lip ! Reminded of it yesterday because my son can’t distinguish between ‘f’ and ‘th, very well which shows up in his written homework. Went on a rowing boat instead. 😃

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