I Battle Very Wild Animals……..and Win!

my bottom in the polytunnel

Why am I in this undignified position quite unsuited to the running dynamo/Greek god reputation that others have bestowed upon me? I’m looking for a bird which found its way into my polytunnel and couldn’t get out. The quest to free the bird was a grade one challenge because I planted the tomatoes and sprouting broccoli much too close together. As a result its turned into an almost inpenetrable jungle. Conclusion : bird successfully flushed out to freedom and I got greater insight into what its like to be a young tomato growing up in near darkness.


“Spending too long in the polytunnel….seeds in the wrong place” said my mother. Thanks, mum! I’m only striking a new mindfulness pose as part of my preparation for Brandon country parkrun. We did a bit of parkrun tourism because the venue for Cambridge, Milton countrypark, is undergoing a restoration of its paths.

Brandon is grass and trail with some mild ascents and woodland paths studded with tree roots. A lovely two lap course and a very good cafe for coffee and food. We had drinks and something to eat with both old and new friends and I scored more socialability points. I also had a chat with an 80 year old+ runner who usually runs at Cambridge. I saw him come in and I was concerned that he was obviously struggling in the heat. However his daughter was very attentive and he soon recovered his balance. How marvellous is that, to be able to continue running into your eighties on a regular basis!

I’m running a bit more at the moment, in fact, five times in the last six days. I did an 11k, a 5k and 2 miles x 3. Periodically, I’m attracted to running on a daily basis and this seems to fit in better with commitments. A default 2 mile jog only takes 18 minutes and can reasonably be accommodated even if the rest of the day is full.

Polytunnel wildlife update : three further birds and a couple of butterflies escorted off the premises. Stop press! Wren made a quick exit when I turned up.


Gratuitous picture of typical Daily Express good news health headline. Not such good news for refugees, unfortunately!


3 thoughts on “I Battle Very Wild Animals……..and Win!

  1. I seem to have given up newspapers, and much of the news actually! It’s generally hype! Impressed with your headdress, it suits you and I recommend it to you as a wardrobe staple. I’d like to be running when I’m 80 too. It’s taken a long time to get into the mindset where if I can’t do the run I planned because I haven’t time, it’s ok to just do a 20 minute jog instead. Well actually it’s not just OK it’s a very good idea,because 20 minutes is better than nothing and very good for ones health!
    Were you really rescuing those birds or driving refugees from their desired new home? ( remembers something about not enough dissent in the blogging comments)😊

    • Yes, it’s best to do what you can if circumstances dictatate you can’t do what you planned to do. I’m aiming to run for particular amounts of time rather than speed and distance.
      It’s a polytunnel not an aviary. They snacked on my blueberries. I regard them as criminal opportunists.
      As a consessionary subscriber to the awkward squad I’m more than happy to receive a challenge to my correctly held and wise views. Too much agreement makes me feel queasy. I hope you don’t dissent from this.

      • There can’t be too much agreement. So long as everyone agrees with me that is. Then it’s wonderful, warm cosy and happy. And dont think that a few placating words alone will do, your every action has to be in accordance with our shared views and wishes (ie mine). 😊

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