Juneathon Day 9

My birthday today. I went for a very enjoyable 8.5 mile run with my partner Lorna along the River Cam and through Milton Country Park. I’ve been running for over 30 years and it’s been a solitary activity in the main. It was just over a year ago that I joined Cambridge and Coleridge Athletics Club and was in the company of other runners for the first time apart from races. Despite my previous misgivings about joining a club, it’s been a positive experience.

I hope to go running in various locations with Lorna – hill and trails in Derbyshire, the London parks, along the Thames in London and anywhere on the coast.

Running along a narrow foot/bicycle path by the river, you pass people in close proximity and it’s natural to acknowledge or greet them. Most are friendly and responsive but it still comes as a surprise the number of people who do not want to have any contact or avert their eyes or stare ahead. This often includes other runners, particularly the faster ones.

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