Juneathon Day 22

Parkrun went well today. I managed not to get the exact time for the 5k, 24 minutes 14 seconds, that I achieved for the previous 3 races! Running each day is certainly tiring. I usually go for longer runs but have several rest days each week. I think my body is only now beginning to adjust to this regime. I won’t continue running every day after the Juneathon finishes, though.

I try not to be too competitive and I’ve got finite patience talking or thinking about running. But I’m having BAD thoughts about my friends who are also my running rivals. Why are they faster than me? How are they able to let me pace them before they surge ahead and beat me by minutes? When they are snapped in a photo, why do they look so fresh and relaxed when I am caught with my mouth hanging open as if I am gasping for breath? Time to embark on a secret training sessions perhaps.

On the serious side, I enjoyed a Radio 2 programme on Nick Drake this week. Had he lived he would have been 65 on 19.6.2013. I got to see him live at least twice. I’m sure one of the venues was the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the South Bank, London but I can’t be certain.

One of the repercussions of thinking about the late 60’s and early seventies is that it revives old interests and feelings. I’m seriously considering buying a stove pipe top hat and patchouli oil. It goes without saying that my partner is not impressed.

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