Aliveandrunning August 17

I’ve been under running for the past week, that is I haven’t done the mileage to train up sufficiently for the Grunty Fen Half Marathon in three week’s time. Oh dear! What is one to do? Increase mileage immediately, I think, so tomorrow I’ll run for around 90 minutes. Hopefully the extra 30 minutes won’t cause any problems. I narrowly missed injury and ignominy today in Tesco (very near to the Krispy Kreme  cabinet where people had formed any orderly queue to indulge their perverted passions). Lorna and I had just popped in to pick up a couple of items and Lorna, attempting to move me on from the magazine shelves, gave me a forceful push. Catching me off balance, I fell against copies of Total Carp, Carpology, Carp Talk and top shelf Nuts and possibly involved  Zoo too, which prevented me from crashing to the floor. Thankfully the shelving section held and didn’t topple over causing a domino effect. I was shaken but managed to make it to the fresh soup aisle and subsequently to the car!

A good 5K run today at Wimpole Estate parkrun. Lorna is injured and needs to take a break from running for at least two months. She did volunteering duty and timed the runners as they passed the finish line. Unfortunately she  wasn’t prepared to allocate me a more favourable time. After coffee we visited the excellent Wimpole second hand bookshop where I bought Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo, Jung and the Story of our Time by Laurens Van Der Post and God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens.

We have just finished watching A Very British Witchcraft on More4 at 9 pm which detailed the rise of Wicca “one of the world’s fastest growing religions.” It seems to be a combination of mysticism, occult practises, nudity and sexual undertones. Not so different from the mainstream religions, then, and probably less damaging to believers.

2 thoughts on “Aliveandrunning August 17

  1. Readers’ Editor corrections:
    Krispy Kreme incident:- It was a minor push that involved Steve falling against Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Woman’s Own Magazines. No lad mags or fish rags were involved.

    Lorna’s injury: Lorna has an injury but no time limit has been put in place with regards to her starting to run. She may well restart running next week as volunteering is far too stressful and running with an injury makes today’s experience pale into insignificance.

    Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo: This book was spotted and picked up by Lorna, not Steve. He did purchase the book but only because Lorna allowed him access to her very last fiver whilst she browsed in the other shops.

    And lastly……..I do not intend to join any Wicca groups in Milton Park or its environs with Steve any time soon.

    • Editor’s final correction of Readers’ Editor corrections:

      Isn’t it shocking how easily and blatantly some people seek to rewrite history! Actually, the whole disgraceful incident was almost certainly caught on CCTV. Additionally, I glimpsed the security guard’s alarm which was only assuaged when he saw I had recovered my balance and that no magazines had been creased as I steadied myself. Although it was evident that an egregious and violent incident had taken place, he used his discretion not to intercede. For him, the incident was over. For me, despite Lorna’s protestations and denial, the psychological scars of this substantial episode, will remain. And another thing, the magazines which broke my fall were as originally stated. I will concede that The Lady may have been involved.
      With regard to Lorna’s injury, I know best.
      It is true that Lorna did somehow pick out Dambisa Moyo’s Dead Aid from all the dross in the bookshop but it was simple serendipity. I knew the value of the book and therefore claim it as mine. So there!
      Lastly, I have no plans, now or ever, to join a local Wicca group. I’ll restrict my interest to watching highly entertaining programmes about the subject.

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