Aliveandrunning2013 August 25

The Grunty Fen Half Marathon is in two weeks and I’m running out of time to prepare for it. I ran around 10 miles today despite the warm weather and it felt OK. With a couple more longer training runs, another 3 miles won’t present a problem. The last time I ran an hour and a half a week ago, it was hotter and I took an electrolyte drink which I drank at the halfway point. This time, I didn’t take a drink and delayed taking on fluids when I returned. Result ? After showering and eating a meal, I developed an excruciating cramp that I had great difficulty managing. The pain ran along my entire left leg, interfered with my breathing and caused sweating, It was only just bearable. Lorna felt helpless and fruitlessly asked what she could do! I was tempted to reply that if the LIstener magazine, , the “official organ of the BBC”, closed in 1991, could be resurrected, that would certainly help. If she could bring that about my pain would have been worth it. But I didn’t say that, of course, because it would be silly and I’m not a silly billy ! Lorna did try to massage my leg (too painful) and then gave me tonic water (the quinine contained in it alleviates cramp). She also made up an electrolyte drink. It soon resolved but could have been avoided.

Yesterday, Lorna uttered a terrible word which described a frightening concept. The word was “decluttering” and it was designed to give me the heebie geebies. I agree I have past form when it comes to “clutter” and I do need to get a grip. And I will. But I don’t mind admitting I was shaken by the brazen use of the verb form.


2 thoughts on “Aliveandrunning2013 August 25

  1. “I agree I have past form when it comes to “clutter” and I do need to get a grip. And I will.” – At last, I have it in writing. Let the declutter begin!

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