Aliveandrunning2013 August 28

I decided to do a long run relatively early this morning and left the house at 8.40am. I ran to the outskirts of  Cambridge and back, 13.02 miles in all. I found the early start a little difficult because my muscles felt stiff and I chose to run gently rather than do warm up exercises. Additionally, the cardiac medication initially makes my heart less immediately responsive to exertion and I feel slightly out of breath for several minutes. But I quickly adjust to the demands of running thereafter. I experience the same delay in meeting a suddenly increased physical demand when I go up a flight of stairs or walk  up a steep hill.  It doesn’t last long but it is disconcerting. Perhaps I’ll stop all my medication to see if my heart responds immediately to exertion. It may be only providing a placebo benefit anyway, alongside various unwanted side-effects.  (Note to family : I have no intention of doing this).  I did the run in just over 2 hours and it felt OK. It included a 2 minute and a 1 minute walk break to have my electrolyte drink.

I think it is very dangerous to intervene forcefully in Syria. There is a huge risk of unintended consequences and escalation of aggressive acts by neighbouring countries. I don’t feel this country or America can speak of taking humanitarian action with their track record of political hubris, self serving interests, selective outrage at atrocities and propensity to commit crimes against humanity. Blair was frothing at the mouth to go to war in Iraq with Bush, the Americans indemnified their private security companies against any charges brought in relation to their murderous behaviour in Baghdad, drones are killing hundreds if not thousands of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan currently, we were complicit with, and supported, extraordinary rendition, the coup in Egypt and hundreds of protester’s deaths remains uncondemned to any meaningful degree and these are only a few examples.

See Guardian article link…..

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