Aliveandrunning 2013 October 6

I did it ! I ran the Wimpole Estate Hoo Haar half marathon without having to stop because of my recent calf injury and in a reasonable time (for me) of 1 hour 55 minutes. The course had some steep trail hills and I tend to struggle on these. I think they would have added around 5 minutes compared with a flat course such as the Grunty Fen which I ran 4 weeks ago. My arch rival Mike beat me by 3 minutes and did very well for his first half marathon on this demanding course. Lorna provided vocal support as a marshall on the last gate, about 300 metres from the finish line and met loads of friendly people. My right calf was aching immediately after the race and remains sore. It may well die down over the next couple of days but I won’t go running with the club on October 8. I also felt pretty knocked out when I got home and needed a couple of hours resting/dozing on the sofa. After this, I felt fine.

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