Aliveandrunning April 14 2014

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A wonderful day at the London marathon yesterday. Arrived at Canary Wharf in time to see the elite men but not the elite women. At this point the runners are at the 19 mile mark and Mo Farah is around 40 seconds behind the leading group. We met up with my arch rival Mike and his family plus my son Dan and friend Julian. Very enjoyable, very relaxed, great atmosphere, hugely good humoured. It was humbling to see the older runners and appreciate the effort of will and determination that was self evident as they passed by.

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The leading elite group looked comfortable and relaxed as they passed and were actually chatting to each other. They made it seem oh so easy. They obviously carried the Gods’ favour. I noticed Zeus sitting on one of his bespoke clouds, looking down on them benignly, and hovering nearby, I spied Aeolus, God and Ruler of the winds, speeding them on with a favourable breeze. When the new boy and upstart Mo Farah hove into view more than a half minute behind them, Zeus’ countenance changed, appearing mildly regretful as if to convey that his time will come but not in this race. Thus spake the King of the Gods (or at least this is what was going on in my head and even my whackiest thoughts, if I could acknowledge I had weird thoughts (which I don’t), could never compete with the belief system of the  Church of Scientology. They really take the biscuit!

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Watching the marathon runners is really motivating and inspiring but, unfortunately, I won’t be running a marathon again. So I will have to divert that motivation and inspiration into half marathons, 10 k races and 5 k parkruns. Last Saturday, having swung a kettlebell around for a few days and concentrated on some core exercises I ran a parkrun only 15 seconds slower than my personal best and well under 24 minutes which I hadn’t been able to do since last year. This may or may not have anything to do with the Greek temple I’m building in my garden.

7 thoughts on “Aliveandrunning April 14 2014

  1. Glad you had a good time watching VLM. I spent most of the day glued to the TV amazed at what people were running it, in awe if their stories and mostly crying. I will be entering on Tuesday!

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