Aliveandrunning September 22 2014

South Cambridgeshire-20140922-00993

Weather fine today so we had lunch on the lawn. Mine was cold and consisted of left overs from yesterday’s  meal – chicken in Thai Green curry sauce, a few Brussels sprouts, runner beans, lemon rice, Mediterranean vegetable mix (originally frozen) and a radish, cucumber and red onion salad with cashew nuts, mint and honey.

Should have gone for a run today but didn’t get around to it. Just under two weeks to the next half marathon on Wimpole Hall Estate and I need to be running longer distances more frequently. If I don’t do this, I’ll run a mediocre time (by my own personal standards) but not so poor that spectators will boo and throw rotten fruit at me.

Saturday’s Cambridge parkrun went OK. I ran another sub 24 minutes but still more than 30 seconds off my personal best. If I don’t improve I’ll start wearing a hair shirt (at this point I looked up “hair shirt” and found a forum thread concerning a man asking advice about wearing a cilice (or hair shirt ) for spiritual/religious reasons. Very interesting! I think I’ll forget the hair shirt and cut down on my daily consumption of Brussels sprouts as a penance instead.

The proposed gardening therapy project took a step forward last Friday when I met a manager at Cambridge MIND, the mental health charity. She liked the idea and didn’t think making referrals or encouraging volunteers to get involved would be problematic. I’m now in the process of making an on line planning application to the District Council. I’ve also emailed  someone who has a remit to identify and develop green spaces which would have a beneficial impact on the health and well being of local communities. Might my project fit into this criteria? Who knows. I’ll have to look at funding and how to set up a charity shortly but this can only go ahead if planning permission is not an issue.

3 thoughts on “Aliveandrunning September 22 2014

  1. Your project sounds perfect for the developing green spaces person. There seems to be a lot of support around for community based health initiatives, especially as in some areas they are saving money by having the same people manage the council and the health service.
    Saw Andy burnham giving a talk recently. He wants to have an annual budget per person ( for old people) for health and social care. He thinks that if it comes out of the same pot that people will try harder to solve problems in the community rather than dump them in ‘expensive care’ at the local hospital. Of course they need to win an election first.

    • The developing green spaces person has failed to reply to my email so he’s not falling over himself with interest and excitement. I haven’t properly considered Labour’s plans for the NHS yet. Are they going to stop or reverse overt privatisation! Can they realistically provide a sufficient personal budget for care given by these myriad for profit organisations? If the answer is yes to these questions, I’ll start purring like Liz!

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