Aliveandrunning September 25 2014


“Oooohhhh! gasped Ms Alive and Running,”Delicious….salmon with Brussels sprouts…and cauliflower and broccoli as well…. all my Sundays have all come at once…thank you so much.” Well, this is my interpretation of what she said but the actual words were very similar (I think).

I went for an hour’s run today, partly along the river Cam, in preparation for another half marathon in 10 day’s time. My arch rivals Mike and Kerry have also decided to run. I can’t catch them over 5k or 10k but over 13 miles I can get nearer to them. I didn’t feel much like running today although after 15 minutes it felt fine. Afterwards I felt a lot better, both physically and mood wise.On the weekend I’ll do parkrun, club training on Tuesday, about 80 minute run on Wednesday, another  parkrun on Saturday and then the half on Sunday. It’s a training hotchpot but that’s me , innit!

I’ve been running for around 33 years. I started running in response to my father’s ill health, in 1981 and, with the exception of the last 3 years, I’ve not belonged to a club or run with anyone else. My father died in 1983 of smoking related heart disease and other contributory factors, aged 62. I thought a non smoking and running lifestyle would inoculate me from ill health and particularly heart disease so I was surprised (British understatement and stiff upper lip example) when I had a heart attack , aged 58 (Thank you God, I’m sure you know what you are doing!) Because I had an overall good level of fitness, I have been able to recover and run at a better level and more consistently than before. Joining Cambridge and Coleridge AC seemed more attractive than hitherto and I must admit that running with this club is very enjoyable. The coaches are hardworking and very supportive of all abilities. We’ve got track and two road sessions to chose from each week and plenty of variation. But….I still have a strong urge to give it all up and run alone. I like the different running challenges but I have a limited capacity to talk about running and a club, of course, will be a hotbed of running related intercourse, verbally speaking. Perhaps I’ll ask one of the coaches about the possibility of introducing silent sessions.

Thank you prime minister David Cameron for revealing that the Queen “purred” when she was informed that our Scottish mates had declined to become independent of England and Wales, requiring exit from the Union. I always associate “purring” with Eartha Kit’s singing style. Dave has been castigated for audibly making this remark to another top person in conversation that was picked up by long range microphones. That’s castigation not castration.

Nice headline for non readers and people who have no interest in real news in yesterday’s Sun newspaper (oxymoron) : HAIRY CORNFLAKE FACES PORRIDGE. This refers to the British DJ Dave Lee Travis  who was convicted of indecent assault this week. His nickname is Hairy Cornflake and porridge is slang for time spent in prison. No wonder it’s the UK’s biggest selling newspaper with such fantastically inventive front pages. Laughably the Guardian ran with some boring guff about Milliband pledging to save the NHS or somethin!


2 thoughts on “Aliveandrunning September 25 2014

  1. Glad to see the return of the spotty tablecloth and thanks for the news update. I didn’t see the sun headlines ( don’t get out much) but I thought that was a fab headline! My friends sister used to write for the Dis express, or whatever the local paper was, and one of her favourite games was thinking up tabloid headlines, and I have to say that she was very good at it and v amusing!! She has a sensible job now and likes to go running, now that we are all grown up.
    I don’t think that the queen is a purring kind of woman, knowing her as well as I do.
    Good luck in the half. I hope that you thrash Kerry and make up for all those 5k’s. He’s not really a better runner and it was a bit mean when I said that you had no chance. 😊😊j

  2. Good news on the news front (headlines). Google Paperboy and you will find a website which gives you the headlines of all the UK papers each day. If you want to risk losing the notion that humanity is basically kind and intelligent, you can click on the Sun front page and it will show you all the headlines over the past fortnight or so. Same for the other dailies. I haven’t explored it but I think you can do this for papers world wide.
    I forgive you for your cruelly accurate comment suggesting that Kerry’s running prowess is superior to mine. My current computations indicate that I would beat him by 20 seconds over a distance of 32.5 miles should I chose to challenge him. I’ll just have to console myself with that arcane knowledge

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