Aliveandrunning October 16 2014


An innocent bowl of porridge you might think, and you’d be right. I mix in raisins and sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg on the top. It’s delicious and I’m sure it does me no end of good. But yesterday was a dark day indeed. I unwittingly put garam masala on my porridge instead. My first mouthful was my last! I took a leaf out of the footballers’book when they want to convince us they’ve been fouled. I threw myself to the floor and rolled over and over convulsively as if I had ingested cyanide. Ms Alive and Running, who didn’t at that point appreciate the trauma I had undergone, asked if I had inflicted a paper cut on myself again. I really suffer for my porridge habit.

Running with Cambridge and Coleridge running club a couple of nights ago. We ran 1k x 5 times with 3 minute breaks with 2k in  warm ups and getting to the circuit. It’s very different running in the dark and riskier in terms of upping the chances of ricking your foot. But I like it. I’ve never fallen in the dark but I do tend to fall in the daylight possibly because I’m not concentrating sufficiently. This happens about 2-3 times a year. I’m due for a fall now. I may indulge in a bit of hubris because, as we all know, pride comes before a fall.

Cambridge parkrun this coming Saturday and it’ll be my 200th! I started at parkrun no.6 at Cambridge in 2010 after I finished the Addenbrookes Hospital cardiac rehabilitation course (which was precipitated by my heart attack in August 2009). I’ve done most of my runs at Cambridge and I’ll be the first of the regular runners to reach 200 (and hopefully 250, when I’ll receive a special tee shirt with magic powers from parkrun central and a congratulatory card from the Queen). Tomorrow I’ll bake a cake or two to eat with pals after the race.

In just over two weeks I’m doing the Bonfire Burn 10k at Histon. A couple of years ago this race was the occasion of the worst weather I have ever run in. It was very cold with a ferocious  wind and driving rain. The race was delayed and I was under dressed for the elements. I nearly abandoned the race after 2k but then I started to feel a little better and finished it. St. Neots half marathon is in 4 weeks and I started training today and ran for 45 minutes. Running motivation is reduced at the moment but after 20 minutes I physically felt much better and began to enjoy it.

When I go to the checkout at Tesco, I try to chose someone who doesn’t slavishly follow the Tesco scripted conversation ( I went to a Morrisons recently and the check out person looked around 80. She didn’t greet me, scanned the items quickly and gave the impression she had a life outside of serving supermarket sheep like me. How refreshing.) Anyway, back to Tesco. I went to someone I could regularly rely upon to be less than politically correct about her employer and difficult customers. She immediately gave thanks for only having another 55 minutes before she toddled off home. She made several derogatory remarks about the odd behaviour of previous customers and then gave me a flamboyant master class in how to open those pesky Tesco flimsy carrier bags. Having demonstrated the knack, and with  other waiting behind me, she handed me an unopened bag and said “Now you do it”. Folding her arms, she proceeded to watch me. Possibly it might be easier to go to go to a script compliant person next time.

The Conservative Party. What a bunch of shits, bigots and unpleasant, unkind people.


2 thoughts on “Aliveandrunning October 16 2014

  1. Your Tesco woman sounds like an off duty teacher!
    Democracy is dead in the UK. People wonder why nobody votes. I thought that the idea was that a community chose someone to represent them and sent them to parliament. In actual fact political parties choose their lapdogs and send them to us so that we can vote for them. So in the end, the candidates are all just a bunch of professional politicians ( all the same) so nobody votes because it doesn’t make any difference. Politicians don’t represent the people, they just represent each other. Then they wonder why they are out of touch and no one seems interested in their policies. And then they wonder why we have political apathy!
    Grr rant rant
    And don’t get me started on Ebola. I think that we are all ( ok maybe 80% of us) are going to die in the next couple of years. There is no treatment for it, no cure. Last time we faced something like this ( plague 1665) people wisely introduced quarantine to limit its spread. Don’t people learn lessons from history ( rhetorical question, ref ‘the war to end all wars’)?
    Anyway I’m looking at this and seeing that I obviously have too much un channeled energy. Must be time to go for a run!😳😁
    Oh and top tips for Ebola? Advise anyone with a temperature to lock themselves away for 3 weeks, don’t touch any vomit or faeces ( or oozing body fluids) and keep washing your hands! ( personal opinion only, not official DoH advice)( apart from washing your hands, they keep telling us that all the time anyway)

  2. Thanks for your sustained comments. They cheered me up no end (that is the correct idiomatic phrase, isn’t it?) Also, ta for the Ebola advice. I wasn’t planning to spend a lot of my time touching vomit, faeces or oozing body fluids but I will devote even less time now.

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