Aliveandrunning February 5 2015


Another light snow covering in my village this morning. We weren’t cut off from the rest of the country but someone could have suffered a seriously wet bottom had they sat on this bench.

I considered going for a run this afternoon but decided against it. I did, however, go for a 9.2 mile run yesterday and it went well. Might do a short 2 miles tomorrow and then we’ll do Wimpole Estate parkrun on Saturday. Didn’t see many people out and about for the 9 miler. It was cold and overcast but no more than typical British weather for this time of the year.

My therapeutic gardening project is gathering momentum at last. I’ve completed the online planning application and I’m sending off the paper application forms for a charitable bank account tomorrow. The constitution is in place and I’m now thinking about funding, insurance and physically getting one of the donated polytunnels to the field. I’ve had the offer of another very generous donation from the same household as my first generous donation. So things seem to be moving on nicely.

IMG_20150203_133217230 This heron was a bit fed up when I jogged past him. He was waiting for a lift in the station carpark but no-one had turned up. At least I think he’s a heron.

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