Alive and Running February 3 2015

DSC_0432 It snowed yesterday evening, not for very long, but enough to give a covering which lasted until today. These teasels were very happy with their little white hats. They tittered as I passed by with Rupert the dalmatian.

 It was a beautiful, snowy, sunlit morning but as a result of the snow and the continuing low temperatures, the club, which meets at the Cambridge University athletics track, cancelled tonight’s track and road sessions. I haven’t run since the end of Janathon so, as there was no club run, I went for a 2 mile jaunt locally. I’m now ready to return to fitness following my uncool fall in front of the club elite (after I failed to see a curb that no-one had stumbled over for the last two centuries). The big bruise on my bottom is fading and my pride is undergoing active restoration. I’ll get used to my nickname Trippy.

Cambridge half marathon is coming up on March 8th and long runs need to be run soon. I’ll try an hour or 75 minutes tomorrow, some of it along the river Cam, and see how it goes.


 I sauntered into Cambridge city centre on Sunday, primarily to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum and to take some pictures. This dinosaur skeleton sculpture is a recent outside addition to the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences.

DSC_0335 The Fitzwilliam Museum. Only a partial image of a wonderful building. Too much traffic passing. The lower picture looks out from one of the flanking lions at one end of the museum.

DSC_0352 My latest wheeze is to start a photographic blog of Cambridge and its environs. It’s a privilege to walk around old Cambridge and there’s always new aspects to record. An occasional photographic blog will find a home for these images.


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