Janathon Day 8 Frost, sun and blue sky


Looking forward to the London marathon on April 24th. We’ll be spectating around Canary Wharf in Docklands again which is mile 18 or thereabouts. Last year we stayed until the sweeper vehicles went past heralding the official tail end of the race. There were still many going through in dribs and drabs and having to negotiate the extensive clear up operation all around them. Most of the the cheering crowd had melted away, the roads were opening up to traffic but they were still determined to finish despite having another six miles to go.

Cambridge half marathon is earlier this year, at the end of February, so only about seven weeks away. It’s a new one lap course this year rather than two laps within the City. Unfortunately this means the organisers have not been able to accommodate relay teams of two or three runners as they have done in past years. That’s a pity.

A cold and frosty start to the day followed by bright sun and blue skies. Despite the pleasant weather I didn’t get around to running until darkness fell which necessitated using my new Petzl head lamp for a second time. Very enjoyable. I may never run in daylight again.

Cambridge parkrun tomorrow where our chum Kerry will be running his 100th. Surely it will be a mud festival. Wimpole Estate parkrun, the nearest to Cambridge, have already cancelled due to water logging. Some of these people will come to Cambridge  and a proportion will go elsewhere. Some weird people will use the opportunity to stay in bed!

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