Janathon Day 10 Oh dear…….


IMG_20160110_145821095 (1)

A new Japanese meta analysis of research on the effects of statins has concluded that their use increases the risk of heart disease, the very opposite of their intended function. The report also concludes that statins block a molecule which assists in the prevention of calcification of heart arteries.

The findings are published by the Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology. Around 12 million adults in the UK are prescribed statins to lower cholesterol levels, including me!

What to do? I’ll obviously have to pursue this. The Express, of course, has a long history of crazy, exaggerated, wildly ridiculous headlines and it has extolled statins in the past (based on its interpretation of research findings). But it doesn’t look good.

Back to Janathon. A short 2 mile run today because I had to repair to Londinium to accompany my mother to a hospital appointment. It was chilly but still mild for January so I could get away with shorts and a long sleeved top.

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