Janathon Day 12 The Drone Age

IMG_20160112_155408381 (1)

At last, a drone magazine in Tesco and it’s called DRONE magazine for simplicity. Too expensive for me to buy at £6 (I bought a small mountain of Brussels sprouts instead), it’s sure to kick start an avalanche of drone purchases.They’ll soon be as common place as wild birds only a lot more dangerous. I was in a hurry and flipped through it for a few seconds only. Unsurprisingly it featured many pictures of drones and also young men operating them, looking at them and standing around, probably discussing them. Possibly I got the wrong impression. I’ll do some more research.

Cold, dry and sunny this morning. I took the opportunity to continue building a rabbit proof fence for ninety minutes and then went for a run in the afternoon, just ahead of the rain. I did 8.5 k (to the edge of the river Cam and back) which was enough today. The fence construction is giving me a little backache so I’m doing hip flexor stretches which is helping. Note to self : do more stretching.


5 thoughts on “Janathon Day 12 The Drone Age

  1. Amazing what you can get in the magazine section these days! What magazine have you never seen? Smokers weekly? There isn’t much that’s taboo for a periodical!

      • I’m sure that there will be a ‘surgery made simple’ somewhere, but probably not in a periodical. I used to subscribe to ‘surgery international’ when I was a trainee – a monthly magazine that promised to comprise a whole textbook of surgery over 3 years. Alas they often sat unopened in the plastic wrapper for many weeks😔 Whilst I preferred of course to read about topics pertinent to the cases I was seeing at work.

      • Unbelievable! Mind you there are so many running magazines too – men women, trails and so on. Thankfully I have managed to control my addiction to magazines ( generally it’s all the same stuff in them all)

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