Janathon Day 30 Is this normal? He used to be such a lovely lad!


Cambridge parkrun’s 6th anniversary. Fancy dress and a Bake Off competition. We definitely love having our picture taken at Cambridge (big time). For example, this week we have three main albums of photos totaling around 900 snaps. See Cambridge parkrun Facebook page here Cambridge parkrun Facebook


Today we had 475 runners in rain free, relatively mild weather combined with muddy paths and lots of puddles.



This vision in red is our good friend Kerry wearing his sub 23 minutes top. He’s currently sub 22 minutes (Grrrr!) not that it matters, of course, since parkrun is a run not a race (the results page is just for reference).



Only about 200 metres to the finish where there are plenty of people to applaud her.


The quick lads wait while Mike finishes his cup of coffee. Fair enough! If they insist on being disgustingly fast, it’s only fair they pay some kind of penalty. I offered to buy Mike another coffee before he blew the horn but he graciously declined.

All in all a great morning topped off by coffee with friends. I didn’t feel well enough to run but I did take photos. In the evening I went for a two mile brisk walk and listened to BBC Radio 4 podcasts – Woman’s Hour and Last Word. Note to self : remember not stare at the pavement lost in thought when walking in the dark or risk jumping out of your skin when someone suddenly looms up in front of you.

8 thoughts on “Janathon Day 30 Is this normal? He used to be such a lovely lad!

    • Yes it is. Did you know men are 40% of the listeners? Of course the men who could benefit from listening never tune in. I worry about Jenni Murray and her weight, a great health risk. Jane Garvey has grown on me so she can stay!

      • I was once on women’s hour, talking about breast cancer ( about 2007). Before I went on there was a pre interview on the phone and one of the things I was asked about was there anything that could prevent or cure breast cancer. I commented that even if there was that it might not make a difference, for instance we know that smoking causes lung cancer and being overweight causes many diseases but that doesn’t stop people from smoking or getting overweight. There was a silence at the other end of the line, I hadn’t met Jenny and didn’t know that she was a larger lady who I suspect has been a smoker……. Oops! Hopefully she has seen some of the evidence about exercise increasing survival by now 😊

      • She almost certainly has. She had breast cancer in 2007 and a sleeve gastrectomy in July 2015 (I went to the Underworld (Daily Mail on line)to confirm these facts). I’m not aware she’s lost much weight and I’d be surprised if she did any exercise. Even the most sensible and grounded people have their blind spots and irrational behaviours. I am an exception, of course.

      • Do you believe the daily mail???! I think that we all only have so much energy. And if you spend it socialising, networking to further your career then there’s less left over for making a healthy salad and eating it on your way to the gym etc. I think that the only surgery that actually works for weight loss is the bypass type. You still need to diet and exercise with the stomach stapling, gastric band type.
        I was discussing the industrial revolution with my son the other day (as you do) and the consequences of it- including abundant but possibly low quality food. I was quite impressed when he opined that maybe the Luddites were right, but for the wrong reasons. I love it when he appears to be able to think!

  1. Do I believe the Daily Mail? I’d be very surprised if they said she had a sleeve gastrectomy if this didn’t occur and she has spoken openly about her breast cancer.Apart from a few verifiable facts, the only people who believe the Mail are Mail readers. There should be deprogramming treatments available as for all destructive cults.
    Yes, it’s always a joy when your child suddenly reveals hidden intelligent insights. It’s evidence that all the years of sensible guidance, explanation, rational discussion that goes one way from you to them suddenly bears fruit and you can see the thinking, clever person they are to come.

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