Mass protest, a run and a new hero


No parkrun for us last Saturday. We went down to London and took part in the anti Brexit march from Park Lane to Parliament Square. It’s always impressive when tens of thousands turn out on principle for a cause that doesn’t include hatred or fear of specific groups. British membership of the EUmay be a lost cause but the run up to the referendum revealed many ugly perspectives -xenophobia, bigotry, utter stupidity, credulousness, easy susceptibility to right wing opinion and media, licence to abuse and scapegoat particular groups and hostility to change. I could go on. Consequently, I’m left with an awareness that large sections of the population think and act very differently from me and hold opinions and values diametrically opposed to my own. Oh dear! What can one do? Go for a run, I suppose!




The view from Westminster bridge, up river, featuring a pile of box buildings and a cylinder like high rise. If you look carefully, you can spot a few trees. Obviously architects won cart loads of awards. The scale of modern design can be very impressive, particularly in a setting on a wide river but its got no soul and no real substance. It is just a jumble of conventional shapes, configued to suggest they occupy a hill and disconnected from its surroundings. What I do enjoy is modern buildings cheek to cheek with old buildings, modern architecture next to little historic alleyways. Like in Blade Runner.


Me amongst the women. We had just completed a 10k trail run. I’m wearing the tee shirt from the finisher’s goody bag having flung off my canary yellow top. It was warm and sunny and the colour yellow attracted hundreds of little flying pollen beetles to settle on me and fly around my head. I’ve made this mistake before and I’ll probably make it again. I ran to about 90% capacity (my new normal) and felt more comfortable with this level of exertion. A lovely run with some lovely people.

Kenneth Clarke, Conservative “big beast” and my current hero of the day. He was caught on a live Sky microphone making unguarded comments about fellow evil Tories vying for leadership of the party and instant Prime Ministership. He described Gove as “wild” and capable of starting wars with three countries, another contender Andrea Leadsum, who supported Brexit, as a secret remainer and Theresa May, present Home Secretary and favorite to win as “a bloody difficult woman.” Hilarious!

3 thoughts on “Mass protest, a run and a new hero

  1. Saw a bit of the protest on sky news, missed the Ken Clarke comments though! Love it when you get to hear what people really think …….! I voted to stay. Discussed the referendum with lots of people and was surprised at people’s opinions, I have posh, rich Tory voting friends who wanted out, poor working class friends who wanted out too ( with hints of xenophobia) immigrant ( commonwealth and European) Tory friends wanting in it was all so unpredictable! But we can’t be a democracy, allow people to vote then claim that ‘ the masses were duped, they didn’t understand ‘. That would be patronising. it’s difficult. Masses of people voted for hitter but that didn’t make him right or something that history wants to repeat. Unless 20m ( far more than the majority) ask for a repeat vote in the light of new facts, like they based their votes on being told proven lies it can’t happen. All the back peddling on NHS funding and immigration figures might have swayed enough people already!

    • Like you, I also know a range of people across the classes, who have various and sometimes surprising opinions about the EU and voted accordingly. But generally most people I like and respect voted in. The impression I get with vox pop interviews on the radio and TV is that frequently people appear racist, stupid. credulous and determined not to see beyond their own narrow interests and predudices. Quite a few people voted out in areas that get a lot of EU money to boost the local economy and also had low level of migrant settlement. Stupid or what? I accept that some people can find it hard to resist being groomed by the Mail and other right wing media and neo Fascist politicians like Farage. One of the interesting things I’ve read/heard about referendums is that they’ve been a favourite instrument of dictators and extreme right wing states. Hitler employed this device on 3 or 4 occasions.
      I’ve fallen out of love with Corbyn. I think he’s a principled left wing thinker and shaper of opinion but not a leader. He does not give the impression of wanting Labour to win an election or seriously oppose Tory policy and spin. There’s no enthusiasm. As for Angela Eagle, she may be more of an acceptable unifyer but she can’t project herself and she’s got the charisma of a crisp. Again, she’s a principled thinker.

      • Yes, I’d heard that too about fascists and referendums. If you can scare people enough you can get them to vote in their own best interests instead of the greater good, uniting them against some minority they believe is doing them harm so the masses follow and it looks like democracy. As for Jeremy Corbyn. I couldn’t believe how he behaved in such a small way, again keeping quiet rather than looking like he agreed with David Cameron and allowing people to vote ‘out’. Not having the courage to say this is right regardless of political party. In my book, integrity and courage are must haves for political leadership

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