Fit to run (just)


About six weeks ago I developed bursitis of the hip and had to pull up at Cambridge parkrun. I had a half marathon coming up in early September and hadn’t been doing any distance training and the injury put the half at risk. I started running a couple of weeks later, taking it very easy and for short distances. Now, nearly six weeks post injury I think I’ve fully recovered. Apart from parkrun I’ve done 45, 60,90 and 120 minute runs with no obvious problems. This includes running 13 miles yesterday. So I’ll be doing the half in 9 days but I won’t go mad. I’m still under trained for the distance but I don’t think I’ll re-injure myself.

The above pic shows me deftly negotiating a municipal flower bed at Lowestoft parkrun recently. The course was mostly along the seaside promenade and a lovely run it was, too!

The model making continues apace.

Website coming soon, obviously. Commissions accepted as long as patrons form an orderly queue.



5 thoughts on “Fit to run (just)

  1. Is your model making expressing an inner hunger? She looks very thin, and is looking longingly at a large spoon (held the wrong way up to get any food on it) in her right hand? Or is it about vanity? Is that spoon really a mirror? She seems to be following the recent trend for being anorexic with a boob job? What secrets of the mind are being divulged through your art?
    I’m glad to hear that you hip is better and that you are back on running form!

    • Thanks for your vaiuable insights into the nature of my art. I now anticipate this piece will be dubbed “Spoon Girl” when it attains national and international recognition. Lets assume the spoon/mirror shape in lieu of fingers is symbolic of the ambiguity of the human condition rather than me not being bothered to fashion another hand. Extreme thinness these days is frequently associated with anorexia but these are strange and bizarre models which accentuate and amplify certain aspects of human form. The boobs signify femaleness (obviously} but I’m more interested in hands and neck. She’s not expressing hunger but a turning away from existential angst of rejection. Geddit! In summary, it’s Art not a Sun Page 3 model. Hope this makes sense. Please keep the constructive criticism coming.
      Hip is now fine and my planned half next weekend should be okay. How’s the house building going?

      • House is going well thanks – but keeping me busy! I can’t believe that it is real and our good fortune in being able to do this. I’m glad that you have all the blurb ready for the art critics. That’s what sells it isn’t it? I mean, everyone has an unmade bed in the house or a pile of bricks in the garden, but it’s what the artist says about it that makes it ‘art’ – especially considering that if asked ‘ well what do you think that it means’ 99% joe public would say that the artist was a lazy beggar, taking the piss who couldn’t be arsed to do a proper painting! However, last year we went to an Ai Wei Wei exhibition and he had kindly put notes of explanation on his pieces, it really helped me and I did ‘get’ it and in fact enjoyed the exhibition.

      • Very pleased you found my explanation credible. I’m starting to believe it myself. Have you considered halting work on your house building site and rebranding it as an art installation for six months? The punters would love to gawp and walk around in hard hats. I’d certainly pay £7-50 for such an opportunity.

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