A difficult half marathon. Must do better next time!


Lots of ladies taking to the the waters of the Cam recently and clearly having fun.


I often stand on a particular bridge and snap away and a surprising number of people wave to me. It would be nice if I could send them a serendipitous pic but how? I’m thinking of printing some email cards which I could then drop from the bridge as they pass under. Would they flutter down and be caught or would they fall at an angle and plop into the water? Could I slightly weight the card so it fell straight? Should I forget this idea or should I be locked up for my own safety? Please advise!



Enough of this particular sliver of my reality and back to running. Last weekend I attended the New Forest Festival of Running in Hampshire with Lorna and two of our running pals. Between us we did a 5k, 10k and two half marathons. A full marathon was also on offer which we politely declined. My hip problem had cleared up but I was somewhat undertrained for running 13 miles. The first two miles went very well, at ten miles I felt very tired, at eleven I rallied but twelve miles found me struggling. When I crossed the line I had no energy left and could not have run any further. Usually I’m able to put on a burst of speed at the finish but not this time. I know I hadn’t put in the training miles yet I was still surprised. I had already done a training thirteen miles around fourteen minutes slower so it’s taken a faster paced race to reveal my lack of stamina.

The New Forest is famous for its wild ponies but it was still mildly astonishing to see them roaming around.  At one point four ponies were cantering on a path adjacent to where I was running. They outran me.

We stayed at Boscombe, on the outskirts of Bournemouth and, unbelievably coincidental, Bournemouth parkrun was only a mile and a half away. A lovely trail run with a wide open grass start.


4 thoughts on “A difficult half marathon. Must do better next time!

  1. Mmm. So if you dropped cards with your email on I’m guessing people would have to send you their email, and are enough people knowingly that trusting in this day and age? There must be some kind of technology where people can just view it and copy if they want? Some kind of public instagram account or something? And weighted cards? Sellotape tuppence on em! The whole process would really be quite eccentric, but actually I can’t think of a bet er reason to do it! The world needs more nice, interesting, fun slightly oddballs in it. If you feel the need to communicate with strangers, why not take a trip up north? Travel to Manchester, Liverpool or Glasgow, get on a bus and people will strike up a conversation with you, or at least respond if you speak to them.Stand on the street looking at an A-Z or map and they will approach you!
    Can’t believe those ponies ran past you. That hip must be bad😋

    • Many thanks for your invaluable constructive criticism. I did give the Sellotaped 2p option some consideration but I am veering towards employing a drone to accurately drop the card into their laps (providig they haven’t jumped into the water with fright). Flickr is probably the way to go so they don’t have to reveal their email address to me.
      Given the weather in Cambridge at the moment I may as well be living up North. So, is it a genetic predisposition to be sociable and friendly to strangers up there? I know some people who talk too much down here. I might have difficulty adjusting to an exaggerated level of responsiveness. And what’s “slightly oddball”?

      • Slightly oddball? I’m not sure it’s in the dictionary but I wold say ‘not normal but not wierd enough to be scary’🤔 The friendly thing, no not genetic just socially acceptable! More so in the working class I think – maybe why you get less of it down south😋 But yes, getting stuck with a boring but talkative person, that’s the price you pay ……

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