Day 2

The sunshine and warm temperature motivated me to garden for most of the day. I do a great deal of gardening. Like running, it helps to regulate your mood and create a sense of achievement. However, when I gathered an armful of trimmed branches which I hurled onto a tall heap in an extremely overgrown field, I managed to hook my specs clean off my face and they went whizzing off into the heap/ metre high long grass. It took me over an hour to find them. They were located in the grass in a position I would have thought it impossible to land.

I didn’t get around to running until 7.30pm and covered just over 2 miles. This felt fine. It loosened me up nicely. I’ll probably do the same run tomorrow and then run with my club on Tuesday. Although I’ve been running for over 30 years, I’ve always been a solitary runner but a year ago I joined a club. I have to admit I do enjoy their training sessions. They cater for a wide range of abilities and only require you to take an intelligent interest in running. I’m trying quite hard to be more friendly and spontaneous. I can do this but essentially I tend more to introversion. I know a lot of runners now and as a group they are more gregarious, outgoing and supportive than most other groups. The mild downside is the main/only topic of conversation tends to be running. I think this is predominately a male thing.

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