Day 3

Another two mile run, in the late afternoon. I had a poor night’s sleep and felt tired but I was wide awake at the finish. Running always puts me in a different gear. It’s a mistake for me to not make the effort because I invariably feel better.

Such a beautiful weather today. I’m currently digging out an old raised pond in our garden and hacking back an overgrown fig tree which hangs over it. The fig tree is covered by  honeysuckle and also needs to be severely pruned. Despite tramping about in the dry pond as I cut, clip,saw and rake over a couple of days, it is only this afternoon that I manage to upset a bees nest between the pond liner and stone surround. I withdraw sharpishly! I marvel that they were not provoked to attack me like wasps. I guess I am blessed with tolerant, civilised bees. What am I going to do? Postphone rebuilding the pond to the Autumn. I’ll just have to bee patient.

Anyway, after the bee incident, I went for my run and then cooked  curry. I’m mildly obsessional about creating a ring of naan and poppodum pieces with a dollop of mint yogurt around the edge of the plate. I then sprinkle chopped raw onion over the yogurt. Yummy! (Picture taken before addition of onion)


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