Aliveandrunning Janathon January 14

South Cambridgeshire-20140114-00343

Day 14. I had to take mildly extreme measures to combat the cold tonight. I was running with the club after 6.30 pm and Jack Frost was beginning to flex his icy fingers. My chin was in danger of freezing and my lips were making hard work of pronunciation. Although I felt warm, there were some unintended consequences. Men fainted and women ran away. They were clearly afraid of this Cambridge running dude with  the remarkably life like false beard.

Anyway, we did 3 X 3 minutes with 90 second recoveries then 5 minutes recovery and another set of 3 as before. As usual we did a half kilometre warm up on the track followed by exercises before the main run. It felt good, running in the dark as a heavily bearded man. How much better would I feel if I grew it down to my chest!