Aliveandrunning Janathon January 28

Day 28. It’s Tuesday and that means Cambridge and Coleridge running club night. We did a paalauf after an 800 metre jog around the track, warm up exercises and a 1k jog to where we run from. In a paalauf, you pair up with another runner. One of you runs a loop while the other recovers. We did this in two groups of 3 loops each, 5 minutes rest and then another 3 loops each with our paalauf partner. You run faster than 5k pace. It’s enjoyable and reasonably demanding. It’s like a group relay with handover to the same person. When I took over from my incoming partner, it’s really great to be able to spring off and at least sprint for a short way before settling down to a good pace (whatever your good pace is). The total distance covered with running, jogging and exercises was only around 7k but it’s a satisfying 7k.