Aliveandrunning Janathon January 20

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Day 20. Before doing the Janathon run, as usual I took Rupert the dalmatian for a walk in  Wort’s Meadow and the wood beyond. Many of the trees have interesting lichen growing on their trunks and branches and they look particularly striking when the sunlight illuminates them. Today the sun was obscured by light cloud but the hard frost created a lovely patina of crystal whiteness on everything. It’s a great temptation to snap images on my mobile, despite variable quality, and yesterday I stopped several times running along the  river Cam.

I was very cold this morning, despite wearing loads of layers but by mid afternoon the sun was out and it warmed up marginally. I ran 2 miles without anything remarkable happening except me thinking how fortunate I am to be able to run, and run each day , and enjoy it. On my return home, I cooked a roast meal and then picked up Lorna at the station. She was on a business  trip overnight and I missed her.