Aliveandrunning June 2nd 2014 Juneathon Day 2



  Juneathon Day 2. I felt rather knocked out after the Flaming June half marathon yesterday but felt fine after a two hour rest. I later took Rupert the dalmatian for an hour’s walk and cooked supper. As a result of my sophisticated and complex re-hydration regime (I drink more and more frequently), I didn’t get an excruciating cramp last night. Today I feel back to normal except for a very slight back ache. I hope that is sufficient reassurance  for the world at large not to become alarmed at my temporarily compromised well being.

I motored down to Londinium (founded circa AD50) today and went for an evening run of just over two miles on my return. I was accompanied by kingfishers, butterflies and goldfinches  flying and fluttering above my head as I pounded the mean pavements down to the unrelenting A 10 (they like to keep a protective eye on me). I returned refreshed, invigorated and mentally strengthened to scan a free copy of the Daily Mail, obtained for research purposes, from the supermarket called Waitrose. Astoundingly, it wasn’t located on the top shelf but rather on a level where children could reach.

The above pic features my spanking new shoes. Although they lack the integral wings growing from the heels (not available at Sports Direct), I expect them to transport me to new heights of attainment in the running world. Time will tell.


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