Aliveandrunning January 31 2015 Janathon Last Day 31


Cambridge parkrun’s 5th anniversary today and fancy dressers (or rather cross dressers) were  out in force. No surprise this wasn’t a record crowd because the weather proved to be entirely predictable for this time of the year – cold, overcast, threatening snow/sleet and lots of icy, muddy puddles to up end you. 446 took part and it was undeniably a fun morning. After the run, we had a good coffee with friends and discussed the races we intended to run over the next few months and into the summer.


10388120_10153176092881159_7766766346408462217_n (1) I lead this small pack of aggressively competitive runners hungry for success. Because of my altruistic mindset I allow them to overtake me a few metres further on. I also opt to maintain my open mouth, thoughtful zombie look so they take the better picture.

10954552_919060101462016_7161758411558819207_o (1) The 118 on the left is Mary Holmes who, I believe, is 78 and occasionally gets a 95% age grade at parkrun. Her best time is around 26 minutes. Phew!!!

The days have passed and Janathon is now over. Janathon total mileage is 104, 9 miles more than last year despite my injury.


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